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GMC's small crossover spied

Spy photographers have caught a heavily camouflaged entry-level crossover planned for GMC -- it is smaller than the compact Terrain -- testing for the first time in Arizona.

Tesla forms special board committee to evaluate bid to go private

Tesla's board formed a special committee to evaluate Elon Musk's proposal to take the company private, a day after the CEO revealed more on who will advise him and help fund the potential deal.

Elon Musk taps Goldman Sachs, Silver Lake to advise on Tesla plan

Elon Musk continued to drip feed details of his plan to take Tesla private.

Why Musk the Big Oil hater may seek billions from the Saudis

Elon Musk has always hated the fossil-fuel industry. But now, in his bid to take Tesla private, Musk is courting billions of oil dollars.

A look inside the Chevy Silverado's techy 4-cylinder engine

In the auto industry, imitation is a very high form of flattery, and many automakers copy each other's technologies, adding just enough of their own proprietary design and unique features to keep the patent attorneys from sending the...